Windows 8 optimized two wireless mice and an external trackpad from Logitech!

Oct 16, 12 Windows 8 optimized two wireless mice and an external trackpad from Logitech!

With Windows 8 all set to go on sale in another ten days, the computer peripheral manufacturer Logitech has already made announcements of its two new wireless mice (Touch Mouse T620 and Touch Mouse T400) and an external track-pad (Touchpad T650).  No questions! all optimized for the latest version of Windows 8. Lets inspect on all the three accessories to find-out what they offer!

Touch Mouse T620

M600 announced earlier this year and T620 sport the same design. However, Touch Mouse T620 is custom-made for the new version of Windows 8 and M600 is about to get a new software update to make it compatible. The best part of T620 is the top surface that is completely touch enabled, in Simple, double tapping with one finger  and two finger returns to start screen and shows the desktop respectively. A user can also perform things like swiping the left side to rotate through open programs and swipe the right side to access the charm bar.

Touch Mouse T400

The touch strip available on the mice T400 facilitates to move up and down on the pages and also scroll through the tiles of Windows 8 start menu. Toggling, opening of applications and returning to start menu can be performed by using the buttons on T400.

Touchpad T650

The Magic Trackpad styled touchpad is quick to respond to touch. It sports a glassy surface and can be recharged through a USB.

Both T620 and T400 run on AAs, in the case of T650 touchpad it can be recharged through a USB. These accessories aren’t connected by bluetooth but they are connected through 2.4GHZ wireless transceiver technology. Always have a separate USB port available for this purpose. Last but not the least, Touch Mouse T620 is priced at $70, T400 at $50 and the Touchpad T650 at $80.

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