Windows 8 HP Envy x2 Prices Announced!

Oct 26, 12 Windows 8 HP Envy x2 Prices Announced!

The Hewlett-Packard Envy x2 is a touchscreen hybrid laptop priced at $849.99 (₹45,600) and will run on the full version of Windows 8 operating system. It is a convertible device that can be used as a tablet by separating the keyboard. As for the physical design it appears sleek and has an aluminum finish.

The other notable features on the device is the availability of multiple ports like in the PCs; namely USB, HDMI and SD Slot. The display is 11.6 inches in size with incorporated IPS technology. The device weighs 680gm without the keyboard and weighs 1.45 KG with the keyboard. It sports a dual cam, 8MP for the rear and Full HD cam in the front.

Envy x2 Technical Specifications at a Glance;

Display: 11.6 inches
Resolution: 1366 x 768
Processor: Intel Z2760
Storage: 32GB/64GB options
Sounds: Beats Audio
Optional Stylus
Dual Cam
Dual Battery
Media card slot and mini HDMI port

Envy x2 is slightly higher priced than the competitors in its class like the Dell Latitude 10 and Lenovo’s ThinkPad 2, both being priced at $649 (₹34,800).

The convertible option in Envy x2 gives it a leading edge over surface tabs. The lack of keyboards in Microsoft Windows Surface Tablets shuns-out all the normal laptop functions. One prominent advantage of Envy x2 is that it can still run a number of older Windows applications; however Windows Surface tabs cannot do this.

It should be available for sale from November 4th in the United States after the Windows 8 OS launch in October.

Grabmore will have it available for its customers when it rolls out!

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