What’s new about Samsung Chromebook – 2012

Nov 29, 12 What’s new about Samsung Chromebook – 2012

In the month of September, Google revealed plans about the latest Samsung manufactured Chromebook at a price tag of roughly around Rs 23,000; lot cheaper than the last-generation Series 5 550.

According to sources, the touch screen Samsung Chromebook roll out was expected to follow the Nexus device line-up.



Technical Specifications

Display 11.6 inch
Battery Life 6.5hours
Processor: ARM dual core
Weight: 2.5 Pounds
Storage: 16GB Flash
Bluetooth: 3.0
VGA Camera

The device sports a compact design with 11.6 inches screen and is 0.7 inches thick. Keeping in mind the performance of tablets and smart-phones it is packed with the ARM 5 chip that is capable of elating user satisfaction.

The all new Samsung Chromebook has WiFi connectivity and weighs only 2.5 pounds (1.1 KG) supporting easy portability. Previously, the device was expected to roll out under higher price tag but the stated price is way far than the expected. This can pose a strong competition threat for the close contenders in the segment.

Google sets its claims for solid 6.5 hours battery life with the laptop supporting 1080p video at 30 fps on the 11.6inch display. One setback with this compact model is that it misses out on the 3G connectivity unlike the other Chromebook device that had it in-built. If you opt go for an 3G version it is available at Rs 28,000 approximately. It has a 16GB flash storage and 2GB RAM and a free 100GB allotment for cloud storage facility on Google drive for two years.

The device has one USB Port 3.0, one USB Port 2.0 and HDMI Port, all placed at the rear except for the headphones. As for the software there is not much difference it simply runs on the Chrome OS. The device is disk-less, fan-less and completely web oriented that would run smooth without making any noise.

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