What is so unique about Grabmore.in?

Oct 04, 12 What is so unique about Grabmore.in?

There are numerous online shopping sites in India today, so what’s special about Grabmore.in! We asked this question to ourselves even before we started out. In a world of online shopping clones we wanted to stand out from the crowd. Since then, our journey has been centered on making a difference by leaving no stone unturned in the online shopping space.

Our innovative ideas and actions sprout from the bases of Indian online shopper’s point of view. Lucrative deals and up-to-date products that are unavailable in local outlets are all that Indian shoppers dream of. Our mission is to bring it to their doorstep even from far off places like the United States of America. With our ‘Shop for USA Products’ category anybody living in India can be the first to own a branded gadget or a product that might take months/years to get released here.

Well, isn’t this something new that many shopping sites don’t offer right now?

To top it all products ordered from USA come with one year manufacturer warranty and this includes one-way free shipping in case of defective products. We make sure it reaches back to our customers either replaced or in perfect condition. It’s not just about making money; we are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness.

Moreover, in-order to share the bounty with our customers, we came up with ‘Whacko Deals’, offering best discounts on consumer products on a daily basis. Our offerings also include cash on delivery ‘COD’ facility on selective products which is a hassle-free way to shop online. Unlike a normal marketplace that only acts as a platform to online retail sellers, we take immense effort to manage it well by keeping track of the whole process — from order placement to delivery. And that’s why it’s called the Managed Market Place.

Apart from this, timely deliveries, dedicated customer service desk and complete information security add up to our uniqueness and customers delight.

Try us and feel the difference!

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