Tips to make a smartphone battery last longer!

Jul 18, 13 Tips to make a smartphone battery last longer!

Our lifestyles have changed tremendously since the advent of smartphones. For most of us today, the day begins and ends looking at our handsets.

People prefer doing many things from their cell phone; for example – checking of official mails, tweeting, gaming, watching videos, browsing and much more.

All such robust actions can drain the juice from battery before the end of your day, while most of the mobilephones come packed with heavy duty battery they are insufficient in most of the cases.

This problem is a common occurrence around the globe, so we decide to bringin few useful tips for you to make the smartphone battery last longer.

Read and adhere to the same for better results.


The screen brightness consumes more power of your phone. Default settings may come with slightly higher brightness, it always better to have them adjusted to nominal level to get good results.


Numerous apps are enabled with notification feature, forget not to switch these notification features as they could save hell lot of battery power.


Many apps request location request, simply say no such things. They only provide region specific details or information which are most of the time pointless.


It is a must to disable the antennas when not in use. This saves the power from getting wasted. Switch to Flight/Airplane mode a battery is facing near death situation, this helps sustain it for a while.


Allow your phone to sleep sooner; specifying  7 to 9 seconds to turn off the display is ideal, this saves more.


Lowering the overall phone volume including the ringing will extend the battery life of your mobile phone.


It is okay if you had it vibrate when in a meeting or inside a social gathering. But having it jiggle all the time along with the ringtone is pointless and remember it takes lot of juice. Please turn it off when it is not needed.

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