The NOOK HD – A Look at the Features

Dec 24, 12 The NOOK HD – A Look at the Features

Wonderful 9inch HD Display

Nothing beats the Noble Nook 9inch HD for now! Get the ultimate video experience watching them on NOOK. It has a playback up to 1080p.

A Family Tablet

Its a family tablet; a maximum of six profiles can be created on NOOK for the users. The device also allows to build the user’s own private library, that is capable of being filled with loads of books, apps, videos and more.

Right for a Voracious Reader

Reach out to a massive selection of up to 3 million magazines, books, and newspapers, the built-in Wi-Fi allows you to access it in seconds.

Wide selection of Apps

NOOK HD+ comprises all the most popular apps, including news and weather, games, business, lifestyle, cooking, entertainment, and a special selection of games and learning tools meant for kids.

Portability & Comfort

It is a thin and light weight model that can be easily slipped inside the pocket, portability will never be a constrain for people on the move. The battery life  also supports well, that can last 10 hours straight on a single charge.

Email & Calendar Syncing

NOOK’s new email app supports Microsoft Exchange Active Sync and also well-known email services such as Yahoo!, Gmail, and Hotmail. Syncing your schedule with the new calendar widget on the device is quiet simple and easy .

High-Speed Web Browsing

No more wait times for the browser to react and show-up the results. NOOK HD+ comes with a speedy dual-core processor and an improved multi-tab browser. Now you can do all that you love doing at a very fast pace!

So, the list of attributes of the NOOK HD is indeed a long one…and is very impressive too!

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