Sony Unveils Two New Xperia Models

Mar 20, 13 Sony Unveils Two New Xperia Models

Sony unveiled two new Xperia models that are ready to go on sale in the coming quarter!

Targeting users who prefer something lesser in size than the 5inch Xperia Z and ZL, the new ones designed and are ready for roll-out with 4.6 and 4.3inch display screens respectively.

The bigger screen of Xperia SP adorns a new super-bright 4.6inch 720-Pixel HD Reality Display. Sony is using its Bravia TV lineup technology on its new device for the brighter Reality Display, making it capable of adjusting its display based on the image being viewed.

In general, both the phones are packed with 4G LTE and near-field communications that enables sharing of data with other devices and showcasing of photos and videos on TV. The smaller screen is also getting a solid 8MP camera for capturing moments even at nights against strong lights.

One of the salient feature found on the SP includes a different light emitting quality that helps identify a caller even without the need for picking the device. The models will be available in red, white and black colors coming packed with aluminum frame.

As for the Xperia L; it is sporting a 4.3inch FWVGA display that would play full screen movies and videos by incorporating the 16:9 ratio designs. An aspect that prevents chopping-off movies and videos at the edges.

As mentioned earlier, the L model is also getting an 8MP camera that taps into Exmor RS technology of Sony offering higher quality of photos. NFC is also incorporated for wireless shares and other routine activities.

Director of Xperia Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications Calum MacDougall stat”Both of our new models benefit from Sony’s proven innovation and engineerind g expertise – whether you want to enjoy premium HD quality entertainment over 4G LTE on our mid-range Xperia SP or capture every moment in perfect detail with our more affordable Xperia L,”.

Sony Xperia series are on a row for now, particularly – last CES witnessed the unveiling of Xperia Z and ZL phones.

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