Sony E-reader PRS T2

Oct 30, 12 Sony E-reader PRS T2

Sony plans to overtake all the major players in the e-reader segment and the early roll-out of PRS T2 in this holiday season are a clear cut indication of its desire. T2′s predecessor version PRS T1 wasn’t a big hit but, the Sony PRS T2 is aimed to create a name for itself in the e-reader class.


The PRS T2 design looks appealing in a neat metal finish, bigger display and is essentially lighter. It offers a comfortable hold with gently curved rear edges. The 6.9 inches display, its net weight of 164gm and responsive touch screen make it a compelling choice than its predecessor. All the three white, red and black devices sport a gloss finish on the front and matte in the rear. Five buttons that are visible on the front of the device are for page back, page forward, home, menu and return and the power button is located at the bottom edge. The device misses the audio jack as it no longer supports audio files; the Micro SD slot, Micro USB port and reset button are concealed at the back.


The PRS T1 and T2 use the same 1GHz Processor supporting IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi and almost runs the same software with few significant additions. T2 can provide extended battery life up to six weeks unlike the T1 that would have died in three weeks. The T2 maintains the same 800 x 600 pixel resolution but the E ink screen is upgraded with Pearl Technology V220. The device has a stylus and comes with a built-in Oxford Dictionary. The user can also choose to change the dictionary according to their preferences.

The Evernote functionality available on T2 helps save clips, add notes and allows saving on the computer for offline reading purpose. Moreover the public library is easily accessible and favorites can also be bookmarked.

Wrap Up

Sony PRS T2 is light weight, has good battery life, sports quick loads, effortless page turns and is easy to hold. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t come with the front-lit technology. The page flip issue that was experienced in the PRS T1 has been resolved in the T2. The Evernote support and public lending libraries give it a chance among its competitors!

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