Sony Play Station 4 Unveiled on Wednessday Event At NY

Feb 21, 13 Sony Play Station 4 Unveiled on Wednessday Event At NY

Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 went on sale in 2006 and that is history, since then the world has seen many new comers on to the stage!

Now, after six years Sony is geared-up to take on the others by unveiling its Play Station 4 the next-generation gaming system at a New York event in the USA – Wednesday evening.

Besides Sony, Microsoft is also all set to unveil the next Xbox in June. The Xbox gained much of spot light in the gaming platform through its robust online service – Xbox Live which lets people to play with others online. Some of the other rivals of the struggling Japanese company such as Apple and Samsung also compete on smartphone, digital camera and other gadgetry segments.

With the world of gamers moving on to internet, smartphones and tablets for gaming, it is for the companies to prove and convince that it is still better choice over the other available options.

The new Play Station 4 closely resembles the Play Station 3 however, the latest version includes motion control, a touch pad and a ‘Share’ button. According to Sony, the new console will be part of new ecosystem focused on hardware, software and “the fastest, most powerful gaming network.”

As for the pricing and release details Sony had hold back for now from sharing any!

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