Shopping for Online Perfumes and Beauty care products – Look for these before clicking further!

Oct 08, 12 Shopping for Online Perfumes and Beauty care products – Look for these before clicking further!

Perfumes, beauty care products and colognes get top rank in searches as they sell out more on the online shopping space. There is no dearth of international brands online and for their fakes as well. The joy of shopping can be completely dampened if you find out that the delivered product is just an imitation.

These days there are numerous online and offline stores in India that sell duplicate products either knowingly or unknowingly. Most of this bogus products comes to India from foreign destinations like China or Singapore and usually fake dealers make huge profits by manipulating buyers. The plight of an online buyer is even worse as it is impossible to decode a duplicate product.

Before keying-in your card details, it is essential for you to know what you are dealing with it –that’s why we thought we could give you a few tips that you might like to consider…

  • Check through a wide range of brands and read the online reviews before buying online.
  • Be calculative: Sometimes great deals are not bigger as you imagined! With the rest of the amount getting included in the shipping charges you could end-up paying the original cost.
  • Never buy from an online reseller. The possibility of returning and getting a full refund is ruled out here.
  • Read and know their return & refund policy before making the purchase

Things to note on receiving the product – a time to bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you;

  • If you see an irregular cellophane wrapping and low quality paper boards, there is nothing wrong in getting suspicious.
  • Glue smudging and extra adhesive tapes on the covers are simple indicators to poorly-made dubious product packing.
  • Do a thorough inspection of the print colour and letters (no high-end manufacturer sells their products with these silly mistakes)

At this juncture, we would also like to mention that at we guarantee our customers the authenticity of brands bought with us online. In case of any discrepancies, we would happily attend to your queries either by phone or through email at the shortest span of time without any second thought.

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