Sennheiser PC161 Binaural Headset with Microphone & XL Ear Caps – Review

Mar 22, 13 Sennheiser PC161 Binaural Headset with Microphone & XL Ear Caps – Review

If you are used to playing video or online games at home then go head and buy Sennheiser PC161 Binaural Headset with Microphone & XL Ear Caps, the ultimate headset for serious online match play, competition or LAN parties!

Sennheiser is a renown name in the world of headsets, and as matter of fact quality of the make exceeds the expectations of an user. They aren’t poorly made and wouldn’t wear out within a year or two. If maintained well they are sure to go on for many years.

The PC 161 device uses the open speaker system to deliver true-to-life sound for superior gaming performance. Enjoy flawless well balanced sound and an overall audio quality.

Product Features Of Sennheiser PC161

  • Offers true-to-life sound with open acoustic design
  • Large ear cups that satisfy comfort and stability
  • Best suited for gaming purpose
  • Adjustable and Robust Microphone
  • Delivers 3D and 360 degree surround sound
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Supports VOIP applications
  • In-line volume control and microphone mute switch
  • Usable with CD/DVD/MP3 players
  • Frequency response: 15-23,000 HZ
  • Nominal Impedance Value is at 32 Ohms

It doesn’t require a technical know-how to get started, just go by plug and play of the headset. There’s nothing better than the  Sennheiser PC161 Binaural Headset for gaming. Get in to the world of games with PC 161 without disturbing others in your living room.

You can buy Sennheiser PC161 Gaming Headset at, for more details Click Here!

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