Samsung Shows-Off Bendable Phone At CES 2013 – An Overview

Jan 24, 13 Samsung Shows-Off Bendable Phone At CES 2013 – An Overview

Its the age of dust and water resistant phones; surpassing them, Samsung is geared-up with its all new bendable models to launch anytime sooner. The new phone was put on display at CES 2013, it actually bargained quite a lot of attention from passers-by.

The technology is pretty new to the smartphone segment and has been named 'YOUM' by Samsung. The device is almost unbreakable according to the maker!

The concept of curvy and flexible models have been around for a while, finally, it is Samsung that is getting ready to deliver it for commercial purpose. The glass screen OLED technology uses thin chemical layers that produce a bright and colorful screen, the same has been laid over the plastic instead of glass.

The future of traditional glass screen model can take a hit, if these flexible plastic models prove to be successful. The leadership of Apple in the smartphone arena can equally be questioned, if Samsung is unwilling to share the technology with Apple.

Undoubtedly, the technology show cased at the Las Vegas is the latest and most advanced. The Galaxy SIV - successor to Galaxy SIII is rumoured to sport the OLED screen. Its just a rumor! The Screens aren't completely foldable like papers but can be bent to an extent, in other words they are flexible.

If you are looking forward to buy the Samsung mobile, you would need to wait -Samsung hasn't disclosed any information in regards to the launch dates...

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