Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch in Feburary 2014

Dec 18, 13 Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch in Feburary 2014

As the current year draws to a close, it is worthy of mention that all major smartphone launches have been done. The following year -  2014 will witness some amazing lineup.

The first to go will be from the Korean manufacturer Samsung which plans to launch its Galaxy S5 in Feburary 2014.

The handset is expected to come with eye sensor and rumors buzzling around suggest it will sport a metal body finish and a 64-bit processor.

According to ZDNet Korea, it will have QHD (2560x1440p) resolution as well as iris verification technology.

The Samsung smartphone is due to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress technology expo in February.

The key attraction of the phone is QHD display that is capable of four times the pixels of 720p (qHD) display packs.

The manufacturer has passed all the test for its QHD and is currently working on mass production for next-generation smartphones.

Other than Samsung, Vivo launched smartphone in October and LG’s ultra-thin QHD display panel are the two device that have come with this technology.

Similar to fingerprint scanner in Apple iPhone 5S and HTC One Max, Samsung’s eye scanner is an enhanced device security feature that will be welcomed much by device owners.

This technology feature allows to unlock the phone through their iris as it is iris verified.

Other key features rumored are 64-bit processor, 5.25-inch touchscreen, 16MP Isocell camera and latest Android 4.4 operating system.

The Galaxy S5 will be the new flagship device of Samsung and expected to punch some ground-breaking sales figures in the history handset sale.

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