Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5

Mar 25, 13 Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5

Now that the wait is over Samsung Galaxy S4/SIV is ready to hit the market by end of April 2013. On the other hand, the really question thats hovering over many smartphone lovers is in choosing the best.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5, who is declared the triumphant?

Both the devices are equally fit but how to decide between the two? The Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming packed with latest hardware and in the case of Apple iPhone5 it is still an impressive smartphone that is on sale in the market. To choose one over other; it would be ideal to go by the specs and other details.

Heres a list of details that we pulled out for you on both the models, take a look at them to take your decisions right…

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Who is faster?

The Quad-core definitely triumphs over the Dual-core, Quad-core processors are twice faster than the Dual-core. The Galaxy S4 is coming packed with Quad -Core while the iPhone 5 has Dual-core.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – RAM power

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 2MB RAM paired to the processor Vs the iPhone 5 that is loaded with 1MB of RAM. This simply means more power to run multiple apps on Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Screen Size

The Galaxy S4 sports bigger screen than the Apple iPhone 5, the iPhone 5′s 4inch screen is no match for the S4, that is bigger by an inch – measuring 5inch. Bigger screen have always been welcomed by smartphone lovers!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Display

The Apple iPhone5 takes the lead against the Samsung Galaxy S4, the retina display found on iPhone 5 offers an incredible 1136×640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch.

The Galaxy S4 used a HD Super AMOLED screen to beef up the resolution 1920×1080 at 441 pixels per inch.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Camera

Fitted with 8 Mega Pixel camera the iPhone 5 doesn’t even stand a chance to the heavy weight S4′s 13MP camera. Samsung has also incorporated some special software features that help taking pictures and editing them without any hassle.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Google Vs Siri

No questions – its an open and shut case, Google is more reliable and efficient over the Apple’s Siri. Siri doesn’t stand any chance.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Storage

The basic 16GB is expandable upto to 32GB through the microSD slot. Apple iPhone 5 device doesn’t come with the expandable feature.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Battery

The S4 battery has a removable solid battery of 2600mAh and sells an extra battery kit to get some extra juice in a hurry. The iPhone 5 has a 1440mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5 – Hardware Specs

Samsung Galaxy S4 Apple Iphone 5
Dimensions 5.38” x 2.78” x 0.34 4.87” x 2.3” x 0.3”
Weight 130gm 112gm
Display 5inch Super AMOLED Technology 4inch IPS LCD
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixel 1136 x 640 Pixel
Ppi 441 326
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 – Quad Core 1.9GHz Apple A6 – Dual Core – 1.3GHz
4G LTE Yes Yes
NFC Yes No
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
Rear Camera 13MP 8MP
Front Camera 2MP 1.2MP
On-Board Storage 16/32/64GB 16/32/64GB
Expandable Thru microSD Yes – 64GB NO
Battery 2600mAH 1440mAh

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