Samsung Electronics announces first curved screen smartphone – Galaxy Round

Oct 11, 13 Samsung Electronics announces first curved screen smartphone – Galaxy Round

The market has seen smartphones with convex curved glass panels including the Galaxy Nexus. However now, Samsung Electronics has announced world’s first curved screen smartphone named Galaxy Round, which actually is a flexible OLED model!

LG Electronics and Apple, rivals to Samsung are also said to be involved in developing a similar flexible OLED panel but as of now it is the Korean manufacturer that has won the race.

The challenge that lies ahead for Samsung is to start production of these curved touch-screens in large-scale.

If you are not sure to why you need a curved display and the not the regular one then here goes the answer; the curved screen is expected to pave-way for a whole new possibility of bendable designs – seems like its just a stepping stool!

Looking in to the specifications of the new Galaxy Round it is obvious that it gauges with new Note 3 and they are as follows…

Firstly, the horizontally curved screen is 5.7 inch big and is a full HD Super AMOLED display. A quad-core 2.3 GHz processor powers the device alongside a solid 3GB RAM that supports swift gaming and browsing actions.

The Samsung Galaxy Round is a lot light weighing model in its category of high-end phones. The battery in the phone is not curved like the screen.

It uses a 2,800 mAh battery rather than the 3,200 mAh one found in the Note 3.

The physical design of the device includes the ability to view details by tilting and rocking the device. An user can simply control music by pressing down on one side while it rests on a table.

The rocking motion plays previous or next tracks. Samsung Galaxy Round is expected to go out in Korea in numerous colors.

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