Rumours surrounding the Nokia’s 6-inch phablet images

Jul 27, 13 Rumours surrounding the Nokia’s 6-inch phablet images

Smartphone manufacturers across the globe are on a launching spree and contributing from its side Nokia rolled out seven handsets within four months.

Seems like Nokia has much more offer from its pipeline!

Recently, images surrounding a 6inch phablet have surfaced online suggesting that Nokia is secretly working on its biggest project ever – ‘in terms of screen size’.

If the 6-inch phablet image leaks are true, then it is obvious that Nokia is aiming to battle it out against the heavy weights in the market namely Samsung Galaxy Note III, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Ascend Mate.

Images of the purported device first appeared on a Chinese microblogging website that holds a successful record of leaking several device details and images from the past.

As seen of the image, Nokia logo on top and standard WP8 three-key layout at the bottom is visible. Apart from this, bezels on the side and a provision for front-facing camera are also visible.

According to a report by Weibo user ICTech claims that the screen size is 6-inch and the device is already under mass production in China.

Microsoft is all geared to release its GDR3 update for Windows Phone mobile operating system. This update is expected to bring many changes that would make the OS more user friendly.

According to tech circles, the new device may be christened Nokia Lumia 1030, what is really cooking behind the screen, it is only future that would reveal the secret.

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