Rumours Surrounding Nokia Lumia 1020 Specs And Release

Jul 04, 13 Rumours Surrounding Nokia Lumia 1020 Specs And Release

The Finnish handset maker is said to have been secretly working on a new device dubbed as Nokia Lumia 1020 also known as Nokia EOS for a while now.

The device’s specs and release date is one of the hot topic that is widely discussed and rumored online, so we have tried to put together some of the available key details for you…

While most of the talk is going around under the name ‘Nokia EOS’, the device as such will not roll out with this name, but there are chances for it to get associated in the name – according to experts.

When some sources refer to the new phone as Nokia Lumia 1020, this seems quite logical at this juncture as to it matches the Lumia branding and usual number designation style.

As for the design – it certainly goes with the predecessor model, the Nokia Lumia 920. But  if you are expecting any design changes or innovations, then simply erase the idea of your mind because all leaked images show Nokia 1020 on the traditional Lumia dress-up.

The color variants spotted online include red, black, grey and yellow. And the images suggest that the phones might roll out sporting clip-on back covers as previously seen in the Lumia 925.

An early prediction goes in favor of no built-in wireless charging but Nokia may have it added by the back cover accessory.

The Lumia 1020 AKA Nokia EOS will have a massive 41MP camera with features such as Xenon flash optical image stabilization, oversampling technology and lossless zoom. Notably, these features are last seen from Nokia 808 PureView.

Until now, Nokia had been repeatedly stating that it is evolving the PureView technology with lots of funds flowing in to research and development but the rumored modification for EOS goes with an adjustable aperture, which would help control photography buffs.

Not much had been discussed online about the  Nokia Lumia 1020 / EOS specs. It anticipated to come out sporting 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core chip paired to 1GB of RAM and an Adreno graphics processing unit (GPU).

Some of the other rumors that circulate online point out – both dual-core and quad-core variants can be expected. As for the storage, 32GB on- board space is offered but there won’t be any microSD card capability.

Even-though the correct display size details haven’t surfaced online, the images seen online prompt the size of Lumia 920 or Lumia 925 which measures 4.5inches. It should also come with 1280 x 768 pixel resolution. Rumors claims also say that an OLED display similar to Lumia 925 will be in place for Nokia EOS.

The release date is rumored for July 11th of this year and for the pricing it is too early to predict without any certainty or proper details.

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