RedBox Instant Now for Android and iOS Beta Testers

Dec 24, 12 RedBox Instant Now for Android and iOS Beta Testers

RedBox Instant has resulted due to the combined efforts of both Verizon and Redbox. Redbox Instant is a video streaming site to be available on both Android and iOS versions and will be seen to challenge Netflix.

The service remains in beta and the app has been launched in both platforms just recently. How do you sign up for the test? Well, just go to the Redbox Instant website – for this you need to click on the source link.

Then, enter your email address after which you will receive an invitation code. You will now need to punch in the code in the app once it has been installed. The first month comes for free, while from the next month it would be $8 for unlimited streaming of television shows and movies, plus 4 free DVD rentals at a Redbox kiosk.

This is not an operator branded app although Verizon is very much there in the launch. The app will function in various phone models and carriers and even over a Wi-Fi connection.

The battle has just begun between Redbox and Netflix. Will Redbox be able to overtake Netflix? That is what remains to be seen. There are hundreds of kiosks of Redbox at supermarkets. With this app, you as a user can reserve a particular video at one of these kiosks. You can even rent a movie without a subscription for as low as 99 cents!

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