Phablets Set To Overtake Tablets In The Market

Sep 17, 13 Phablets Set To Overtake Tablets In The Market

A latest report issued by IDC claims that Phablet devices are set to overtake tablets in the global market. Further, this is expected to happen over the next 12-18 months.

The phablets are bigger devices than the usual smartphones and smaller than the tablets. Phablets screen size may range from 5 to 8 inches, notably they are large-screen devices.

The size factor of phablets plays a crucial role for buyers to go after it. And the functions of tablets and smartphone incorporated on phablets are a big welcome by many.

In IDC’s own words, “A new round of device cannibalisation is also expected to kick in, but this time with large-screen (5-plus inch) smartphones beginning to impact the smaller (7-8 inch) tablet market.”

IDC goes on to explain that, it is going to be for the cost-effective devices to take the market by storm in the coming years. The uptake are likely to be by the first-time buyers in commercial sectors like education.

IDC’s programme vice president Bob O’Donnell said, “Over the next 12-18 months, however, we believe the larger smartphones, commonly called phablets, will start to eat into the smaller-size tablet market, contributing to a slower growth rate for tablets.”

Overall increasing demand for tablets, phablets and smartphones is expected to push down the demand for PCs. This has already started to inwardly trigger demand for phablets as well.

Some of the leading phablet devices in the market as of today include Samsung and Micromax in India. It was initially Samsung that was ruling the market but, now there are many players that are in to the race.

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