Pandigital 2GB Novel 6.0″ Personal eReader

Apr 27, 13 Pandigital 2GB Novel 6.0″ Personal eReader

Many people at the present time prefer not to read hard copies of books, it is the age of digital electronics, preference go with e-readers which is quite a fashion statement.

The Pandigital Novel 6.0″ Personal eReader is a modest device that supports reading on direct sunlight too. It is made-up of white plastic shell and is comparatively smaller than the leading Kindle Fire and the Noble Nook.

On top edge of the tablet are the power button, a micro-USB port, a MicroSD slot and a headphone jack located. According to the manufacturer, the battery is good to go until you have done 6,000 page turns on a full charge.

Unlike the leaders Nook and Kindle that use the E-ink technololgy, the Pandigital 2GB Novel 6inch screen uses the technology from a company called SiPix Microcup.

It has a fair amount on-board storage memory at 2GB and a 2-in-1 card reader. The memroy can further be expanded upto 32GB through the microSD slot.

The tablet has WiFi (802.22 b/g) for connectivity – simply put, it is quite easy to connect to the internet. The Pandigital 2GB Novel 6inch is supported by online NOOKbook Store.

The device runs on Android operating system, this means a user gets the choice of downloading end number of applications as the Android apps exist at large.

Other features on the device include a music player, a photo viewer – supporting JPEG, PNG, and BMP files, a calendar, a Web browser, an e-mail app, a contacts app, a Sudoku game, a dictionary, an alarm, and a file manager.

Take a look at the tablet highlights below

  • Internal 2GB Memory & 2-in-1 Card Reader
  • MicroSD Card Support Up to 32GB
  • ePaper Display Is Easy to Read
  • Works in Direct Sunlight
  • Increases Battery Life
  • Enjoy Barnes & Noble Online Store
  • Over 2 Million Selections Available
  • Access Books, Newspapers & Magazines
  • Play Music & View Photos
  • WiFi (802.22 b/g) & Mini-USB 2.0 Port

On you can buy Pandigital 2GB Novel 6.0″ Personal e-reader for RS. 4,999.

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