Nokia Unveils Budget Friendly Handset With Free Facebook Access

May 10, 13 Nokia Unveils Budget Friendly Handset With Free Facebook Access

The Finnish maker on Thursday unveiled its budget friendly model Nokia Asha 501 in an event held in New Delhi. The new phone is anticipated to take on rival ground level Android handsets in the subcontinent.

Back in 2011 Nokia dropped its Symbian platform and moved on Windows OS. The recent roll outs  running Windows 8 had given the needed boost in the sales figures for the company. Although Nokia Lumia devices are selling heavily every quarter, it still lags behind in the overall market.

The Asha models are quite a welcomed devices as they are well recognized among buyers who look for inexpensive phones with nominal features. The 501 will roll out with a free Facebook access sending out the message that it aims to reclaim its past glory.

Speaking on some of the analysts forecast Stephen Elop CEO of Nokia commented, “The Asha 501 and Asha platform, we believe, will reinvent the affordable smartphone category,” he said.

Buyers who are looking forward eagerly will have to wait until the month of June, this is when Nokia will begin selling.

The Asha 501 is to be priced at $99 – which approximately works to RS. 6000 excluding the taxes.

Speaking of the designs, it is similar to low-end Lumia devices. It will come out in Six color variants and sport a 3inch touchscreen. It is to have a 4GB microSD card.

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