Nokia RX-114 Windows RT tablet

Aug 01, 13 Nokia RX-114 Windows RT tablet

Rumours surrounding Nokia state that it is secretly developing a tablet dubbed as RX-114!

Seems like with this – the Finnish maker aims to make an entry and tap the prevailing tablet market.

RX-108 was spotted by Adduplex previously which is also in works. Details about RX-114 have been brought to light by GFXBench.

According to GFXBench; the device is likely to feature quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset with graphics supported by the Adreno 330 GPU.

The smartphone makers first tablet device is anticipated to have a resolution of 1371 x 771pixel.

According to the bench marking website ‘GFXBench’ the Nokia RX-114 is a windows RT tablet and its screen is getting a  resolution of 1371 x 771 pixels.

It said that the device is likely to resemble the Surface RT and Pro, notably it is also sporting a similar resolution of the mentioned devices.

The mobile manufacturer is touted to be betting on the Windows 8.1 RTM software with this rumored release.

There isn’t much information available apart from the scant specifications that have been leaked.

If the Nokia RX-114 tablet is indeed set to arrive with Windows 8.1 RTM, it may be unveiled in late August or early September. And we’re assuming the company will christen it a more palatable name upon launch.

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