Nokia Lumia 1520 tipped for October release

Sep 27, 13 Nokia Lumia 1520 tipped for October release

Since the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, this is the first device that is rumoured to be in works. According to sources, the new handset is dubbed as Nokia Lumia 1520 and is tipped for an October release this year.

The phone is anticipated to launch with 6-inch screen – a phablet model on 22nd of October. Apart from this, it will come sporting a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 20-megapixel rear camera and a 4000 mAh battery.

‘Weibo’ a China based online forum sets claim about Lumia 1520. The image posted on the website shows Nokia Lumia 1520 in close view with the device’s Start screen and multiple live tiles clearly visible.

Looking at the image it is obvious that Nokia Lumia 1520 comes featuring an extra column for Live Tile on the start screen to support apps.

Other than this, on the specification front Snapdragon 800 processor is paired to 2GB of RAM. It has 32GB of on-board space and will also be supported through microSD card slot for memory expansion.

The rumoured specifications also include a 20MP rear camera -  a downgrade of recently released Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone.

According to coming in reports, this phone will be the highest-resolution Lumia ever made for now.

Confirming about the phone, it was last week Nokia had come out with teaser images of two people skiing on sand dunes. Three hash tags, #blazing, #stories and #innovation reinvented were notice-able with the message ‘Save the date: 22 October 2013.’

Other rumours include, Nokia’s upcoming first tablet 2520. The @evleaks – a Twitter source suggests that the device can be out anytime sooner.

It will come packing a 10.1-inch screen and be powered by Windows RT. A 32GB of storage, a microHDMI connector and a microUSB port are some of the notable specs.

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