Mophie’s Juice Pack Battery Case For Samsung Galaxy S III

Nov 06, 12 Mophie’s Juice Pack Battery Case For Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III sports a 2100mAh battery that is strong enough to last for a day; however for some users this isn’t quite sufficient. In a move to fill the gap; the Android devices will now get a new battery case from Juice Pack, incorporated with rechargeable cell to double the smart-phone’s battery life.

The device has an appealing design and acts as a protective layer for accidental scratches and cracks on your phone. It is super thin and a light weight model that supports easy portability. The toggle switch in the rear allows users to either to power-on or power-off the charging. Mophie promises that the new Juice Pack for Galaxy S III will provide additional 9 hours of talk time, 11 hours of internet use and 32 hours of audio playback. Four LEDs found in the rear indicate the power left inside the case.

Mophie has been a longtime player in the arena, it initially started-off by making Jucie Packs for iPhones, now it makes similar cases for other devices. Samsung Galaxy S III Juice Pack is expected to be priced at $ 99.95 – (Rupees 5,500) and will be available in white and black colors. The white case is scheduled to make it first to the market, followed by the black and it will be shipped from November 28th.

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