Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8 Operating System!

Oct 30, 12 Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8 Operating System!

After the launch of Windows 8 operating system; as anticipated, Microsoft officially announced the Windows 8 Phone operating system at an event held in San Francisco on Oct 29th. Nokia, HTC and Samsung are already geared-up with the latest version and the WP8 devices are expected to hit the shelves in the coming weeks. Microsoft never missed the opportunity to confirm on some of the other anticipated arrivals such as Pandora and the high profile apps.

The launch is worldwide; Handsets will go on sale from this weekend in Europe and rest of the world will start to receive during November.

A Quick Look at the List of Entrants with Windows Phone 8 OS;

Expected in couple of weeks – Nokia Lumia 810 and HTC 8X
Expected in November – Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Samsung ATIV S and HTC 8S

WP8 is a major new version in every way; to put it simple, Live Tiles is available on no other platforms!

Live Tiles help arrange iconic start screen according to user’s preference by pinning apps, music, friends, games, etc. They come in three sizes with a choice of twenty different colors. In addition to this, Windows Phone 8 is packed with loads of unique and new features that are fairly built as an upgrade to WP7.5.

Live Apps: The new lock screen displays clock and notifications from Facebook. The WP8 has 49 to 50 apps from other platforms and much more is expected in the coming months.

Data Sense: This is a new feature on WP8 similar to Opera mini and Nokia’s Xpress browser that allows a user to manage and save mobile data. It also acts as a data usage monitor to help the user in finding WiFi hotspots when the data plan runs low.

Maps: The WP8 will use the Nokia technology to go smooth on the maps. The partnership between the two has yielded in developing secondary streets and improving the traffic data coverage for Microsoft. The enhancements offer the option to download map data for offline usage.

Kids Corner: Share your Smartphone with your kids by restricting the access! Numerous apps most of which credited to games can be downloaded using the Kids Corner.

Rooms: Similar to the Google Circles – Rooms enables sharing of updates, photos and other material. For folks who do not use a WP8 can still join the club to stay in sync!

WP8-Skype: The Skype app runs in the back even when the phone is locked or the app is closed. This will not chew out on your battery since it is controlled by effectively putting the operations to sleep until an incoming call or notification turns on the program.

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