Microsoft ad’s enticing trick with dance and song…and a lot of clicks

Oct 16, 12 Microsoft ad’s enticing trick with dance and song…and a lot of clicks

Dance, music and clicking – this ad is all about frolicking! Why dancing? Well, this ad tries to convey that the Surface is not just about being a product, but about movement. Grab your Surface and work anywhere, anytime while you are on the go! The ad is super energetic and entertaining. The commercial serves the marketing purpose well, and gets the attention of consumers for sure. The ad features schoolchildren dance and party with the product - all to show that the product would cut across all segments and generations and would reach one and all! AND the colors of the keyboards showcased are enticing – makes you want to be a proud owner of one very soon.

The commercial for the Surface tablet comes from Microsoft just hours after their first Windows 8 commercial. The ad was played on the eve of the football game between San Diego and Denver.

This ad has attracted its share of criticisms also - that they haven't focused on what the device can actually do. However, this ad is seen to lure the mainstream tablet crowd. Now, we cant except this segment of the population to be very tach-savvy, can we? And to mesmerize this crowd with a lot of dance and song is going to be a lot wiser and successful than to bore them with a bunch of boring specs. Tech people can build on their knowledge about the product by looking out for Microsoft press releases. Now, just relax, sit back, and enjoy the ad and just watch out to lay your hands on the great product very soon!

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