LG announces thinnest HD LCD smartphone display

Jul 11, 13 LG announces thinnest HD LCD smartphone display

LG on Thursday announced that it had developed world’s thinnest full-HD LCD panel for smartphones.

According to the manufacturer, the display measures 5.2 inch and has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Notably, the thinnest HD LCD display is brighter than the current full HD phone panels on the market.

LG hasn’t disclosed any details on the availability of the panel in the market. However, the manufacturer had showcased images of a working panel which was supposedly tested by a testing firm called Intertek.

The bezel of the new LG screen is 2.3 mm thicker.

Commenting on the thinnest display, sources from LG said that the in-house technology has been christened as Advanced One-Glass-Solution.”

The One-Glass technology has the touch screen layer of a display under the cover glass. By doing so, LG had purged the need for a separate touch-screen layer.

The new technology seems quite promising in-terms cost-saving for manufacturers.

Smartphones that have rolled out in to the market from the past have always under gone rigorous changes. It is the light weighing and thinnest designs that have proved to be successful.

Going by the same, it is the display, battery and camera that come in little over size. And these are the components were a manufacturer becomes extra cautious to down size.

Sizzling models that made there way to number one position were the flattened ones at the time of their launch. And now LG has a thinnest HD LCD smartphone display ready that should roll out in to the market very soon.

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