Koss UR55 Stereo Headphone – Review

Jul 02, 13 Koss UR55  Stereo Headphone – Review

The Koss UR55 stereo headphone rolls out from the manufacturer who has more than 50 years of experience in the domain.

The UR55 best suits devices like iPods, smartphones and tablets, and delivers some amazing quality sound with precise details.

No wonder, it is compatible with above mentioned devices, the Koss headphone also well-matches with some of the leading professional studio equipments too.

The audio output is nicely balanced and as for sounds that are above and below human hearing range are also reproduced perfectly. The bass response is excellent.

Unlike heavy headphones that come with low quality ear buds, the Koss UR55 weighs less at 10.2 ounces and comes with comfortable ear cups.

The large ear cups on the headphone are chiefly designed to fit perfectly on all size ears and to transfer sound without any leak. For this UR55  is fitted with foam padding to prevent sound escape.

However, this can be quite taunting if your ear is above the average size. The speakers on the device are of low impedance of 36 ohms which directly means that they are capable of delivering high volumes at ease.

Koss UR55‘s 4-foot Koss flex-cord reduces tangling and has the right length to use for portable devices.

The 1/8-inch connector ends the cord and it is quite a disappointment to many that Koss isn’t including a  Koss UR55.

Normally, Koss devices are well made and in the case of of UR55 is well-built that can endure over time if maintained well.

At present on grabmore.in you can buy Koss UR55 for Rs. 3,057 which is the best available price right now.

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