Kindle Paper white Vs Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight – A comparison

Oct 05, 12 Kindle Paper white Vs Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight – A comparison

The competition is running neck to neck for Amazon and Barnes & Noble Nook since the launch of Kindle’s Paperwhite model. Both the devices are quite alluring to customers at first as both boasts of innovative design and first-class functionality and a buyer contemplating on choosing between the two will not know what to settle for. However, a thorough inspection of both devices based on individual user preferences and features can help zero-in on the best-fit.



Basically, what e-readers look for is a splendid display that suits all reading conditions and a long standing power backup. Well, none of the contenders seem to lag behind on this note. Both the devices feature 6 inch screen size (diagonal) and use front-lit e-ink technology with excellent battery life.

Integrated Lights:

Barnes & Noble Nook was the first to introduce light inside the e-reader months ago. Now Amazon Kindle had followed in its footsteps. Well, this is something that everybody had been talking about as an advantage for a while; however, Kobo Glo from Kobo is also set to launch its e-reader with integrated light facility in the near future. With all these coming-up, adding lights to devices can no longer be considered an avant-grade feature!

Light Balance:

Noble Nook can be operated manually to decrease and increase the lighting, as for Amazon Kindle the user needs to tap the screen dragging the slider to do so. Both the devices have to be manually tuned for light balance in broad lights because neither of the two comes with automatic adaptability.


With special offers you could bag Amazon Kindle Paperwhite at $119 while the standard price is set at $139 (with no offers included). The 3G model works out to $179 and the one without Ads at $199. Heavy pre-orders are flowing in for Kindle Paperwhite thereby forcing Amazon to delay its shipments until Oct 22nd.

Noble nook that was earlier priced at $139 has slashed it cost by $20 matching Amazon Kindle’s $119 price range. While the change in price came when Paperwhite was introduced in the market, Noble Nook sources claim it had slashed prices on its device after several months of consideration.


Kindle Paperwhite’s design appeal seems to be perfectly aligned to users’ tastes. Simply put, it is sleek, light weight and easy to hold for long period reading. The Paperwhite has done away with much of its key features of – “use the touch if you had to do anything on kindle”! Barnes & Noble Nook have buttons on either side of the screens that accommodates movement options from previous to next pages. Kindle is much thinner compared to Noble Nook; however, the back of the Nobel Nook offers correspondingly comfortable hold for long durations.

Storage facility is not a matter of concern on both the devices. Kindle uses the cloud storage facility where as with the Nook you save it on the micro SD.


Book purchase and sync progress can only be done if Noble Nook is connected to a public Wi-Fi. Since Kindle has two variants, 3G and Wi-Fi respectively it is quite easy to make purchases. On the grounds of connectivity, if it is a matter of concern for the user, Kindle Paperwhite takes the lead.


A lot of online booksellers choose Amazon due to its popularity. Amazon’s Kindle single and Kindle direct publishing for shorter and independent books plays by quite differently. The exclusive feature on Amazon is the one free book a month offer.

Noble Nook has popular books for its devices too, but not as much as independent books like Amazon does. Even though popular authors choose Noble Nook, the new authors choose to go with Amazon first and only then come to Noble Nook.

Both the devices are an excellent choice for e-readers. Find out which one would be the right fit for your need. No matter what choices you make, Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook is where you would have to start from…

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