Karbonn Launches Smart A1 Star and A5 Star Online!

Jul 31, 13 Karbonn Launches Smart A1 Star and A5 Star Online!

The wallet-friendly model Karbonn Smart A1 Star and A5 Star are out in the market. Both the devices fall under the Rs. 5,000 mark and come sporting 3.5 inch screen.

Notably, Karbonn mobile’s rival smartphone manufacturer Micromax silently launched its Bling 3 A86 device online yesterday. The two basic level models of Karbonn run on Android platform.

These models are successor devices to Karbonn A1 and Karbonn A5 smartphones that rolled out in to the market previously.

Karbonn Smart A1

As mentioned above,  Karbonn Smart A1 Star has a 3.5-inch capacitive display with a resolution of 320×480 pixels. Suiting to the Indian needs the phone is a dual-SIM device.

The phone as such runs on outdated Android ICS, ver 4.0. Given the reason that it is an entry level model, it has 512 MB internal memory of which only 163 MB is available to an user.

However memory expansion is possible through microSD card up to 32GB. It packs a 1GHz processor coupled to 256MB RAM.

The Karbonn Smart A1 has a 3 MP rear camera and a basic camera fitted in the front for video-calling. Powering the device is a heavy 1450 mAh battery.

Karbonn Smart A5

The Karbonn Smart A5 is smaller version compared to Karbonn Smart A1 that features a slightly smaller display at 3.2-inches with a resolution of 320×480 pixels.

Similar to Smart A1, the A5 has 1 GHz processor and runs on the old Android Gingerbread operating system which is a big disappointing factor.

It has the same 256MB of RAM and on-board storage space of 512 MB with even lesser user-available space of 104 MB. There aren’t many difference but for the screen size.

It comes with 3.2 MP camera instead of a 3 MP camera – a difference of 0.2 MP. And doesn’t come with front-camera for video-calling. The device gets a 1200 mAh battery.

While Karbonn Smart A1 is priced at Rs. 3890 the Karbonn Smart A5 is strangly priced Rs.500 more at Rs.4140.


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