Johnson & Johnson Loses License For Cosmetics In India

May 04, 13 Johnson & Johnson Loses License For Cosmetics In India

Yup, you read it right, Johnson & Johnson have been revoked of it’s license for cosmetics in India.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials – fifteen batches of baby powder produced in 2007 were found to be sterilized by ethylene oxide. The 15 batches consist of 1,60,000 containers.

The ethylene oxide is an organic compound that is flammable, irritating, anesthetic and carcinogenic at room temperature. In simple, it is a known irritant and carcinogenic.

Luckily, there have been no complaints registered so far against the ones that went out in to the market already however, the spread of quality assurance failure is raising the eyebrows.

The company sources on Friday said that it is in “ongoing discussions” with the regulators.

Whatever be the outcome of talks, the peccable error and canceling of license propels the monumental shift in the way people had been viewing Johnson & Johnson over the decades.

It was in 1982, J&J took its first hit with Chicago Tylenol murders since their inception from 1886. This incident led the pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer giant to recall a sum of 31 million bottles of capsules back from the retailers.

After a series of similar recalls and lawsuits over the years, the good reputation of J&J is again at stake now – the baby products have been found with Ethylene oxide.

It comes at a time of the year, when J&J is running a new brand campaign celebrating “Love”. “For All You Love” is the new Johnson & Johnson’s global brand equity campaign!

While Johnson & Johnson cannot manufacture any cosmetic related products at mudlund plant in India, it simply raises the question of buying baby products that are unsafe to use.

Will all this end by an apology from J&J?

Record your say below!

Source: MumbaiMirror Dated April 28th 2013

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