JBL BUGG – The Pocket Size Portable Speaker

Jan 05, 13 JBL BUGG –  The Pocket Size Portable Speaker

The decades long Speaker manufacturer JBL offers wide range of products for consumer and other public venue usage. JBL has been in existence since 1946 and is well recognized for its Loud Speakers and other associated electronic products.

One of the lead car maker Ford had formerly used JBL audio systems on it top line of vehicles and today Toyota uses the same on its high end model.

JBL BUGG Pocket Sized Portable Speakers offer high quality audio output on a variety of devices that include iPhone and iPod. The performance is quiet astonishing as it is capable of delivering accurate sound and clear bass for a pocket sized edition.

The size of the speakers offer the choice to carry around wherever you go, since it is handy portability is never a matter of concern. A single charge can stand for Six long hours supporting uninterrupted playback. The mini USB port lets you charge from a computer using the included cable that let you charge the device.

Technical Specifications – JBL BUGG

  • Type     MP3 Speakers
  • Series     BUGG Series
  • Transducer     JBL Odyssey
  • Amplifier Power     2.2W
  • Frequency Response     150Hz-20kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ration     >70dB
  • Battery Type     Lithium -ion
  • Input Connections     Mini USB Jack for use with included USB Power cable with 5V DC input; 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Listening time on Battery Power     >6 hours (0.2W)
  • Battery Charge time     3.5 hours
  • Size     3.15″ x 1.48″ (80mm x 37.5mm)


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