Is Samsung Really Working On A Smart-Watch?

Feb 16, 13 Is Samsung Really Working On A Smart-Watch?

Recent image postings on a Korean website showed pictures of a smart watch under construction, the speculations triggered the idea of Samsung‘s move to develop a competitive device to take on Apple‘s yet to launch smart watch – ‘iWatch’.

The leaked images of Samsung’s so called smart-watch first surfaced on a South Korean message board showing the opening screen of the smart watch called ‘Samsung Galaxy Altius’.

The other images that were displayed on the message board featured a music player screen and a digital time screen. The use of the Altius brand is slightly shadowed in doubts as to one blogger wrote at SamMobile that the code name is used for the upcoming Samsung SIV model and not a smartwatch.

Supporting his claim, the blogger went on to write that, Samsung doesn’t use code names on their splash screens and, the UI too didn’t meet the UX guidelines of Samsung. Going by the blogger’s verdict on the purported images, it might actually turn out to be a hoax.

Apple in the meanwhile, is intensively caring out work on its ‘iWatch‘ with a hundred member team and, is expected to launch anytime nearer. If Samsung is working on a similar device then it won’t hold for long, we can rather expect to see it in the near future…


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