iolo System Shield Family Pack Antivirus

Apr 30, 13 iolo System Shield Family Pack Antivirus

One of the vital things to do on a computer is to secure the files and other data by installing an anti-virus. This prevents from any kind of system mishap as viruses are capable of causing the maximum harm to a PC.

In simple, an anti-virus protects your computer and safeguards the files. Worst PC damages are caused by invading virus, the iolo anti-virus is a perfect solution to such nightmares.

The iolo System Shield Family Pack Anti-virus scanning process is amazingly quick and has malware detection feature. It is capable of blocking unwanted programs and also fixes various issues virus related issue on your PC.

The key features of the anti-virus include hyper-scan technology, sentinent technology and integrated email protection. By buying iolo System Shield Family Pack Anti-virus you can install it on three computers.

The anti-virus offers invisible real time protection for your PC. It simply stops any hazardous program from running on your computer and can instantly detect them without fail.

A good anti-virus software needs to have the following capabilities and iolo System Shield Family Pack Anti-virus is not missing out on any. Take a look at the benefits below,

  • Provides an impervious shield for your PC that’s always working.
  • It instantly detects and blocks dangerous programs, stopping threats before they occur without impacting system performance.
  • Automatically scans and disinfects email messages
  • When the PC is on but not being used, System Shield will perform periodic inspections as a second level of protection.
  • If a file, program, folder or other part of your PC is ever suspected of infection, you can perform a comprehensive scan that will disable any threats and provide you with a full security analysis report.
  • Daily updates. Virus signatures are updated automatically every day, ensuring continual protection from the latest threats.

You can buy iolo System Shield Family Pack Antivirus on for RS. 369.

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