Induction Stove VS LPG Cylinder – What works beyond the odds?

Oct 07, 12 Induction Stove VS LPG Cylinder – What works beyond the odds?

The traditional way of cooking with firewood is no longer followed in India. Even though some villages can still set claim to use this method, it is the LPG cylinder that is widely used for cooking now. As most number of people opt for LPG cylinders, the unending difficulty here is the approval of new connections and timely refills. As a matter of fact, the demand for LPG cylinders is on the rise and the government suffers undue pressure as it tries to evenly cater to every household.

And now, in-order to take control of the situation, the government of India plans to provide only 9 to 10 cylinders in a year for every customer. Well, this is a real low number and managing within the allotted cylinders is a growing concern for many. Any usage beyond the prescribed numbers will only imply commercial rates.

If this becomes applicable, then it is the metropolitan crowd that would take the big hit. People living in apartments and congested housing facilities cannot run on these allotted cylinders for the whole year. Neither will they have the option of switching back to the traditional ways of cooking.

The best way to handle the shortage crisis is to have an induction stove handy that would serve the purpose well just like your LPG cylinder. Be it for stringent needs or just to pass through crisis, an electronic induction stove is more effective and effortless in comparison to an LPG cylinder.

Below are the list of advantages that you never would have thought of…

  • As the name suggests, it runs on electric current that is readily available at home
  • No hectic procedures to buy one immediately
  • No long and frustrating wait times for refills
  • Cost effective and efficient way to cook
  • No heat wasted
  • Plug-in installation and portability
  • Timer options guarantees safety even if you leave it unattended
  • Eco-friendly with no smoke and char (fire)
  • Perfect substitute to the LPG Cylinder

Switching to induction cooking can be considered a life saver. With the volatile prices of electricity and LPGs it wouldn’t make a major difference in terms of money. As for the induction it’s just a onetime investment.

Here’s a small calculation that you might like to consider before making your decisions,

If a 2000 Watt Induction stove running for 1 full hour consumes 2 electric units and one unit is costing ₹6, then for 2 units it would  calculate to  ₹12 (2 x 6 = 12).  On an average, if you use your Induction stove for 2 hours on a daily basis, then the spend on electricity for a month is ₹720 (24×30). (Please calculate as per your city)

An induction stove definitely saves energy and time, as the stove heats up the vessels much quickly than in an LPG stove. Now that you know the right reasons to switch to induction stoves, don’t just settle with any brand. Be selective to get the maximum out of it by choosing the best and successful one!

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