Huawei Ascend G510 Vs Huawei Ascend Y300 – A Comparison

Jul 03, 13 Huawei Ascend G510 Vs Huawei Ascend Y300 – A Comparison

May be the name Huawei is not popular in the Indian sub-continent however, it holds the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer position in the world!

Almost all the models rolled out from Huawei are cool and user-friendly devices that basically run on Android OS.

The Chinese smartphone maker recently launched two models in India namely the Ascend G510 and  Ascend Y300.

Since then, the biggest question that had been going around for a while is, Huawei Ascend G510 Vs Huawei Ascend Y300, which is the best model to go after?

To know the model that best fits your need go through the comparison below before you makeup your mind;

Huawei Ascend G510 Vs Huawei Ascend Y300

Huawei Ascend G510 and Y300 sport a 4.5-inch and 4-inch display respectively. They are slightly bulky but the bezel around the frame makes it appear thin to a prospective buyer.

The handsets feature a sturdy look and can be quite uncomfortable in small hands as they are bulky. As for the display, the quality is good with decent viewing angles however on the down side the pentile matrix is hard to avoid that clearly shows the pixels.

Huawei Ascend G510 and Ascend Y300  are completely made of plastic and if you are searching for premium looks then this can be a turn down factor.

On the contrary, the models do not match the levels its rivals like Sony Xperia, Micrmax and Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

The  Huawei Ascend G510 has 854 x 480p resolution and 218ppi pixel density. It sports 1.2GHz dual-core processor paired to 512MB RAM.

The Ascend Y300 has 800x480p, with a decent 233ppi pixel density. It features a 1GHz processor, once paired to similar 512MB RAM.

Below the display both the models have standard three key lay-out.

Apart from these difference, the similarities between devices are connectivity options like 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB 2.0.

Both have 5MP cameras in the rear with VGA units decorating their front. The internal storage is also the same coming with 4GB on-board space.

A 1,730mAh battery powers the Ascend G510 and a 1,700mAh in Ascend Y300.

The phones battery life is decent and is capable of providing backup for around half a day on a regular day.

Both run on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS. The version is heavily customized by Huwaei, named Emotion UI. The user interface places all the apps and widgets on the home-screen.

Simply put, the number of home screens increase with the number of apps and widgets going up on the device.


The phones are good but there are some disadvantages too.

The download process is slow, apart from this the size of the phone can be matter of disappointment to many.

Both Huawei Ascend G510 and Ascend Y300 are good picks for beginners who wouldn’t aim at robust actions.

The phones falls short against its challengers in the race!

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