HTC One Vs BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

Apr 17, 13 HTC One Vs BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

HTC One Vs BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone, does it worth the compare? For many comprehending reasons before a buy comparing them is ideal!

Both HTC and BlackBerry were holding the top position in the world of cell phones until three years back. After a rough patch, they are back only to reclaim their lost market share – atleast for now.

Here, we tried to stack HTC One and BlackBerry Z10 side by side and draw your opinion to conclude who is the winner…

HTC One is priced at RS. 38,166 and  BlackBerry Z10 is priced at RS. 44,139. Apart from lead contenders namely Apple and Samsung the next in line to choose from are these smartphones for sure.

While  HTC One packs a latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset powered by a quad core processor,  the BlackBerry Z10 is powered by a dual core processor. BlackBerry Z10 dimensions measure  5.12” x 2.58” x 0.35” with a screen size of 4.2” and a screen resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels with 355 pixels per pinch.

No questions, HTC one beats the BlackBerry Z10 on these specifications. It has 5.41” x 2.69” x 0.37” physical dimension, screen size of 4.7” and screen resolution of 1080×1920 pixels with 470 pixels per inch.

The HTC One and BlackBerry Z10 weigh 143gm and 138gm respectively. A difference of 5gm is not worth a debate though!

Both the devices have 2GB of RAM and it is  BlackBerry Z10 that supports a memory expansion unlike HTC that badly misses out on this note. A buyer is left with the option to choose from 32GB and 64GB models that are available and pricing between the two differ for obvious reasons.

On the other-hand, BlackBerry Z10 offers a 16GB device with expansion through microSD slot of upto 64GB.

The rear camera of  BlackBerry Z10 sports a 8MP against the HTC One which only gets a 4.3MP camera. To adjust this HTC has UltraPixel technology in place that helps take better pictures. Both the devices are capable of playing 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

As for the mobile OS; BlackBerry Z10 runs on BlackBerry 10 OS – a self developed operating system that BlackBerry spent so much of time to get it ready however, HTC One runs the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

While BlackBerry has the old email facility intact on its device, it has lot to catchup on the app front. However, for the Android model it has an edge in app selection through Google’s App Store ‘Google Play’.

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