How to watch DVDs on Windows 8?

Nov 14, 12 How to watch DVDs on Windows 8?

Might sound weird but thats the whole truth; the all new Windows 8 cannot play DVDs on its own! If you are a DVD lover interested in playing it on the Windows 8 then go by the below stated options,

Windows Media Center

The Windows media center is omitted in the new operating system, this is the primary reason to why Windows 8 cannot natively play. If you prefer watching DVDs through Windows media player then it is available as on add-on for $9.99 (RS 550) for a limited time.

However, you can also get it for free, heres how to go about it;

  • Place a request on Microsoft’s website for free product key.
  • Click on the shortcut, Win+W, then type add features. “Select” add features to Windows 8.
  • To enter the product key click on “I already have a product key”. Click next to continue.
  • Agree to the Licensing agreement, then continue by clicking “Add Features”.

The offer stands valid till Jan 31st of 2013 and as for non-Windows 8 Pro users will require to buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack in-order to get Windows Media Centre.

VLC Media Player

One of the popular media player, it has been in the technology world for more than a decade now. It can support a wide variety of audio and video file formats. The media player is available for free and otherwise also.

GOM Media Player

An easy to use popular media player, it is capable of supporting plethora file formats also. The current version is best fit for the new Windows 8 however, sources claim an official one is getting readied at the backend.

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