“Hondo” – Joins The Race – Has a Great Deal To Offer For Gamers

Oct 17, 12 “Hondo” – Joins The Race – Has a Great Deal To Offer For Gamers

The Z-60 microprocessor from chipmaker AMD, is here in the Windows 8 tablet market and is expected to offer good competition to rivals such as Intel, Nvidia, Broadcom, and Chipzilla.

The processing chip is also called “Hondo”. Consumers can now opt for low-power, high-performing chip and that is all set to roll out with the Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch.

AMD is one of the lead chip-makers in the world. Now with the Z-60, it quiet promising  to stream videos, indulge in action-packed gaming, and use apps like never before.

This chip just consumes power as low as 4.5 watts. It has 2 processing cores. The chip announces more good news to one and all – it just takes 25 seconds for you to boot the Windows. The battery life is amazing – 8 hours for web browsing, 6 while watching videos, and 10 hours for a user in the Windows presentation mode.

This chip is advantageous to use in many ways – alternative processors use much more power than Z-60. It comes integrated with Radeon HD 6250 graphics. This supports 1080p performance – light gamers can benefit from it greatly. This chip is compatible with USB 3.0 ports. It comes with a 6Gb/sec SATA support and can cope with DirectX 11.

The Z-60 will compete with Intel’s Atom Z2760 along with ARM-based tablets running Windows RT.

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