Christmas season is around the corner and during this festive time of the year Grabmore aims to bring in all the fun a little bit early!


To begin the celebrations in a big way and to spread the holiday cheer we invite everyone to participate and spread the news about the

" Grabbyz Christmas Contest "


Win some of the most wanted gadgets and much more, just by enrolling and answering a simple survey question.

The contest is split into two, whereby winners from the contest will be duly announced on Mondays. The first contest begins on 11/12/2012 and the second on 18/12/2012 for which the winners will be duly announced on 17/12/2012 and 24/12/2012 respectively.


With the first round of Grabbyz Christmas Contest drawing to a marvelous end, it officially kicked off the second and final one!


The winners from the first contest received Micromax Tablet, Apple iPad Shuffle and Casio Watch as first and second prizes respectively. The third prize winners were given out Gift Vouchers worth Rs 300.


All contestants excluding the winners from the first contest will be considered eligible to participate by answering couple of simple questions and by signing up for the contest.


The prizes in the second round include Bean bag, Branded watches, Wallets and Gift Vouchers. As for the first prize we decided to keep it a secret for now..

Please see below, the winners of the Christmas contest's...

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Harie Shankar Tamil Nadu

First Prize Winner - Sony Digital Camera

I just cant believe when i heard that i won the first prize in this contest.I am sure this is my first time to be selected as a LUCKY WINNER :) . Really my excitement become doubled when i saw the website and my name was published. Fantabulous new year gift and great start to this new year.Thank you so much and Wish U all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.May this new year will fulfill all our needs and i am praying the almighty for the same. "Think Good & Get Good" ! "ALL IS WELL" !!! :-)


Kanishka Raj Rathore - Madhya Pradesh

Second Prize Winner - Belkin Bag

Surprised I am!. No Words...Thank You Grabmore. It is the Ist time, I have won any contest and I again thank Grabmore for making it a wonderful experience for me.

Ajit Singh - Rajasthan

Third Prize Winner - Casio Watch

For the first time ever I won something and that is a casio watch. Feeling Very happy! When i saw it for the first time, i assumed it was a fake, how can a FB page contest give away any expensive prizes? Then also i decided to participate and eventually won. Hope i will soon get a nice beautiful and pricey watch.. Thanks a lot.
Wishing you a very happy new year to whole team of!



First of all thanks for selecting me as the 4th prize winner. Had a great time participating in the contest. It was organised perfectly with awesome prizes for winners. Hope you will bring many such contests in future and give us a chance to win lots of great prizes.


Poonam Jadhav - Maharashtra

Fourth Prize Winner - Skull Candy Headphone



It was a pleasant surprise to get a phone call from Grabmore infoming me that I was one of the winners of the contest. Feel lucky and happy to win a gift around the end of 2012. Thanks Grabmore.


Anitha Johnson - Kerala

Fourth Prize Winner - Skull Candy Headphone


I was surprised when I got a call from grabmore saying that I was a winner. Frankly speaking, I was not sure whether this any online website is going to distribute prize ethically and timely as promised. I am pleased to know that I am a winner of this contest and very delighted. Thanks you grabmore :) Good luck to your future endeavors.

Avinash Bikumalla - Andhra Pradesh

Fourth Prize Winner - Skull Candy Headphone


   Amitam Kumar - Andhra Pradesh

First Price Winner - Micromax Tablet  

"Great feeling! Initially, I could not believe it to be true. I wanted to get something for my fiancée for New Year and nothing could come better than this. All thanks to the team. Wish you very best and a super successful New Year!"

Raghu Raman - Maharashtra

Second Prize Winner - Apple iPod Shuffle

Hip Hip Hooray! Justin won in Grabbyz Christmas Contest want to grabmore prize .......:)

Vinay Patil - Maharashtra

Second Prize Winner - Casio Watch

While searching for one product online I came through this wonderful shopping website Peeping through this site I came across Grabbyz Christmas Contest page where I registered myself to try some luck. I am so grateful to Grabmore for choosing me one of the lucky winners for this Contest. I am very happy to win this contest.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year in Advance to All Shoppers & Grabmore Team!!!!!



For the first time ever I participated in the Contest and won. Feeling Very happy! When i saw it for the first time, i assumed it were a fake, how can a FB page contest give away any expensive prizes? Then also i decided to participate and eventually won. You Changed my mind and removed of my myth. Now attracted towards contest and going to surely participate.. Thanks a lot.
Wishing you a Merry Xmas to whole team of!

Shreya Patel - Gujarat

Skull Candy In-Ear Headphone

Feels awesome to be a part of the Grabmore contest,this is the best Christmas gift from Grabmore Santa :)
Love to be a customer of Grabmore as I can easily shop for Indian goods as well as US goods at affordable prices. Thanks Grabmore :)

Sahil Pandita - Haryana

Skull Candy In-Ear Headphone

Very much Thankful to Grabmore team for running this contest. I have participated in this contest as a registered user and I really happy about that. I was really surprised when I got a call from grabmore team. It is a fabulous effort to run the contest and making their customers very happy.

Good Luck to Grab more team and keep it up.

Somu Nanjappan - Karnataka

Skull Candy In-Ear Headphone

I' m so so happy and overwhelmed to win this contest as i receive a call yesterday,as i m very much happy with the service of grab more as i always made purchases from and in addition to that i would promote and recommend other to make online shopping through grab

Ajay Aggarwal - Punjab

Skull Candy In-Ear Headphone

I'm very much excited that i have won, this is my first contest win.

Thanks to grabmore to making this as more memorable.



Balaji Karunanidhi - Tamil Nadu

Skull Candy In-Ear Headphone

It was a wonderful contest to win with easy options to select and find yourself lucky enough to be selected. Great job done by team@Grabmore. Keep it up guys and keep playing.


Aditya Dang - Karnataka

Rs.300 - Gift Voucher


Grabmore is one of the best shopping sites I have come across.It gives great discounts and deals and also nice contests are put up on the website. I am a regular shopper on grabmore an I am very happy with it. Keep up the good work.


Mayank Jajodia - West Bengal

Rs.300 - Gift Voucher


I participated in this contest But was not sure to have won it after watching the result I feel overwhelmed and feel very excited as well thanks.


 Namita Saksena - Delhi

Rs.300 - Gift Voucher


First experience of winning a prize in contest. Now I should plan a purchase for the prize money in grab more. Thanks for the gift voucher. Feeling is great !!!

Ravichandran Nagarajan - Tamil Nadu

Rs.300 - Gift Vouchers

I was excited when I was informed that I have won second prize in Grabbyz Christmas contest. VU Grabmore for the contest.

Geetinder Dua - Rajasthan

Skull Candy In-Ear Headphone