Google Play Movies Now in India

Mar 28, 13 Google Play Movies Now in India

Its been a month since Google launched its Play Books store in India, and now Google brings Play Movies. Seems like the sub-continent has come under Google’s radar lately!

With the feature going live from yesterday, it allows users to rent or buy English and Hindi movies via Google Play. Apart from India, the feature officially kicked-off in Mexico too.

The Google Play Movies works like any other category and can be found on Android devices as a new tab on the main screen after a successful download of the app. All movies that are being sold on disc in retail market will be able for rent or buy.

The market here in the Indian sub-continent is vast to explore for the search engine giant, bilingual crowd – love watching both Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Google has listed quite a number decent English movies however, the Hindi list is short.  Google needs to negotiate with the Indian production houses to get the required rights.

Looking at the pace at which Google is introducing its services in India, we can expect to see Music, Magazines and TV  to follow before the end of this year.

From now on it is going to be Apple iTunes Movies Vs Google Play Movies in the local market as the former is already in the market.

The movie renting rates differ for SD and HD content, while the HD is offered at RS. 120, the SD comes at RS. 75, purchasing it will cost a buyer RS. 180 for SD and RS. 490 for HD.

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