Google Nexus Availability – The Big Question!

Dec 27, 12 Google Nexus Availability – The Big Question!

As the year 2012 is drawing to an end, it is worthwhile to mention that this year witnessed some of the hot tech gadgets roll out!

With all the launched models selling out like hot cup cakes the supply is overwhelmed by demand; eventually causing delay in shipping and delivery.

Unfortunately, in the case of Google Nexus models, the empty Google Play Store is proof of that.

Google Nexus lovers who had been looking forward to buy before the new years eve will need to wait a little long than expected according to the sources.

When are the models expected to refill the shelves?

More of a hypothetical question for now!

There are chances of the situation not recovering until last week of January or the first week of February 2013. The other reasons for less supply is still shrouded in mystery.

Consumers who had been trying regularly to buy the device from Google directly would have noticed the slipping of shipping dates repetitively.

Currently, is taking orders on all the latest releases of Google Nexus models. The shipping dates of these devices are bound to change due to the supply impact.

We sincerely appreciate our customers and request them to be patient for the placed orders on Google Nexus devices. The shipping out will be carried on by first come first serve policy. For people, who can’t wait for long can simply call our customer support team to make alternate purchase or to get refunds. We sincerely regret for any inconvenience caused to you…

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