Google Launches Chromebook Pixel

Feb 22, 13 Google Launches Chromebook Pixel

Google launched it’s touch screen Chromebook Pixel model priced at $1299 for WiFI only version on Thursday at San Fransico. The predecessor models of Google were aimed at budget buyers who preferred the second in place over the prime ones.

However, with this release of premium kind, seems like Google is ready to compete the lead runners in the segment namely Microsoft and Apple!

The new device has it own style and doesn’t resemble any other product in the market, it comes with nearly a 13inch screen. But this is cool, it had incorporated Microsoft’s latest OS features like touch and swipe of a finger.

With higher Pixel density of 239 per inch, it is expected to squarely take the Apple Macbook Air head on head.

Commenting on high-resolution, Senior VP Sundar Pichai  who oversees Chrome web browser and OS at Google said “This is the future: high-resolution screens and touch”.

Over the years, Google had been partnering with PC makers like Acer and Samsung for manufacturing its Chromebooks. The Chromebooks run on Chrome Operating System that is expected to best-fit for both home and office needs.

As stated above, the WiFi model with 32GB of Flash storage will cost  $1,200 and $1,499 for a 3G and V4G LTE-enabled version with 62GB storage. In-order to lure customers Google is offering 1 Terabytes of free online space for three years in its data center. The highest-resolution delivering screen weighs 1.52kg.

With Google’s online Play Store beginning to sell the product in the USA and UK from Thursday, taking orders from today. Google aims only for a marginal amount of profit by selling the new machines but Pixel going out loaded with Google’s services is expected to drive more revenue to the search engine giant. is looking forward to available for its customers in India, watch the space for more updates!

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