Gmail Version 2.0 hits for iPhone, iPod and iPad with a whole new look

Dec 10, 12 Gmail Version 2.0 hits for iPhone, iPod and iPad with a whole new look

Apple iPhone, iPod (touch users) and iPad are getting a newly revamped interface of Gmail apps. The apps Version 2 will perform actions at large that users have been long waiting for. It almost took Google six months to get it ready for the Apple iOS.

The interface gets a solid update this time, with an entirely new look, it will offer its end-user the ability to interact directly with Google services. This is something that wasn’t there in the previous version, the capability helps connect on RSVPing to calendar invites and commenting on Google+ posts.

The app supports multiple accounts from with in (a number of five for now) that can be switched using the sidebar menu. The improvements on the latest version also include scrolling in the message lists, profile pictures in messages and number of animations from swivels to transitions.

Gmail version 4.2.1 rolled out for Android just a day before the Gmail apps for iOS release. It had brought with it the advancements in auto-fit options, pinch to zoom, a swipe command to either archive or delete messages and the ability to attach phone-captured videos.

As for the Gmail apps it will be available from the Apple store for now!

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