Foursquare Targets Feature-Phone Users With New Nokia App

Jul 10, 13 Foursquare Targets Feature-Phone Users With New Nokia App

Foursquare a Newyork based application developer that was launched in 2009 unveiled a new app design for Nokia phones on Tuesday.

The apps are likely to target a Series of 40 Finnish made handsets.

This includes Nokia’s mid-range phones and Asha models that use a particular software platform called the S40.

Going forward the coming months will witness Nokia Asha models hitting the market with pre-loaded Foursquare app.

This is a world wide move, so all the models indifference of the region all the mobiles will roll out with the pre-loaded apps.

The location-based social network said in a blog post, “Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Nokia S40 phones, and now they’ll all have access to Foursquare,”

Notably, the Finnish handset maker had sold out more than 1.5 billion units world wide of its S40 phones.

With more number of users willing to go for feature phones rather than opting to buy high-end models, Nokia is making some solid move to grow its sales.

Originally, Foursquare had launched its S40 app back in 2011. And users who own S40 phone can get Foursquare’s updated app from Nokia’s Ovi Store.

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