Most Anticipated Top Five Gadgets In 2013

Dec 26, 12 Most Anticipated Top Five Gadgets In 2013

There is no end to technology innovation and findings; the year 2013 will see some of the most interesting tech products selling like hot cup cakes in the market. As long as the hungry tech savvy folks are ready to embrace and cherish the new outcomes, there will be no halt for the new ones to make it in to the market.
The 2013 hot roll outs are listed below,

Xbox 720

Microsoft is never a lesser the contender when it comes to innovation!

The Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity  as it is to be named, the next console from Microsoft is already in production. Game lovers will see some trendy ideas come in to action, as the Xbox game developers are working hard on the tiles as well.

The new console is expected to be a lot smaller than its predecessor and will roll out at an affordable price range.

Blackberry 10

Blackberry phone lovers were left with dismay in the year 2012 since the promised model launch never happened. The Blackberry 10 is expected to roll out in the month of January 2013. In the recent years a reasonable number of Blackberry lovers have moved away to other leading and successful Android and Apple devices.

Blackberry 10 is based on QNX which was acquired by RIM in April 2010. RIM is lagging behind Apple and other Android devices in the market and this model is expected to turn the tables for it.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface tablets have been rocking since their launch; for all good or bad reasons they are in the spot light! Microsoft Surface tabs are one of the most anticipated gadgets in the market. With the Surface RT roll out it has gathered itself the name and expectations for the next in line, the Surface Pro.

The device is packed with Intel Processor and the display supports 10-point multi-touch and stylus input. The roll out is expected to happen in Jan 2013 at a price range of $900.

Apple iPad 5

Apple is busy in getting it’s new iPad 5 ready according to the industry sources. The roll out was expected to happen by 2012 Christmas however, it seems like the launch is getting delayed than expected. The new device is aimed at setting a strong hold in the tablet market. Meanwhile the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S is also in the works.

Amazon Phone

After the huge success in the e-reader segment seems like Amazon is ready to enter the smartphone segment. The Amazon smartphone is likely to rope in Amazon’s Appstore, Mp3, Cloud Player and most of all the Kindle Books. The price for these features on the smartphone is expected to be lowered and is expected to be launched by summer of 2013. Only future holds the answer to what these devices are able to claim for themselves in the market.

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