Fastrack Wrist Watch Steel – 3072SM01

Jun 20, 13 Fastrack Wrist Watch Steel – 3072SM01

A wrist watch apart from showing the time reveals a person’s taste and makes the style statement. Gone are the days when they were simply worn for tracking time.

Today, a wrist watch defines a persons attitude and style!

There are numerous brands in the market that offer various models coming out in different colors and shapes.

Some of the leading brands  that are well recognized in the Indian market are Timex, Casio, Xoxo, Fossil, Lenco, Suunto, Armitron, Tag Heuer, Swatch and Titian’s Fastrack.

Of all these brands, it is the Fastrack Wrist Watch that sells hot among the Indian crowd. Various reasons can attributed for its success.

In simple, it is the wide range and budget friendly pricing that allures a buyer. Fastrack Wrist Watch Steel – 3072SM01 is one such model that is unique  and quite impressive.

Fastrack watches are specifically designed and made for both genders. This model is for the men who prefer neat metal finish with rugged looks.

It features a bold analog black dial and the overall design goes well with formal and casual wear.

On grabmore you can buy Fastrack Wrist Watch Steel – 3072SM01 for Rs. 4,080 a discounted price  and save RS. 215. For details click here!

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