Everything About Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Dec 10, 13 Everything About Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the most anticipated smartphone at the moment, the new flagship device follows the Galaxy S4 which is already doing well in the market.

Notably, the S4 has punched some rocking numbers in the history of Samsung smartphone sales. Seems like by launching Galaxy S5, the Korean smartphone maker hopes to repeat the trend.

The next generation smartphone is getting released only in 2014 however, there is already so much of hype and speculation going around on the same.

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone is expected in the first or second quarter of 2014. By far, certain details have surfaced online even before company sources have made any announcements to it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to come packing a 64-bit Exynos 6 processor with ARM having confirmed the same.

However, rumours spread across the smartphone world claim that the new handset will come sporting a quad-core 2.5GHz processor.Finger-print scanner similar to Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S is likely to be incorporated.

Similar to Apple iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is also likely to launch in a gold colour version. As two phones are likely to roll out, one is expected to roll out with curved screen and one in the usual way.

The phone will launch along with Samsung’s second generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Other specs involve a 20MP rear-facing camera, an upgraded front-facing camera and Google’s Android 4.4 Kitkat mobile operating system.

The phone is not missing out the Samsung Galaxy S4, an aluminium casing.

There’s no word on the pricing details. It’s likely to fetch around the same price as the Galaxy S4.

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