Evernote’s Skitch App for Windows 8 Rolls Out With Exciting Updates!

Dec 13, 12 Evernote’s Skitch App for Windows 8 Rolls Out With Exciting Updates!

Evernote’s Skitch for Windows 8 rolls out with some of the notable features that will be beneficial for tablet users. The new power packed app can work while the user is on the go enhancing their reach with the world around.

It is vital to mention here that the new version has done away with much of the bugs from the past, nevertheless the bug fixes yields in providing smooth functioning of the app.


Here is the list of new features that you would like to take look at;

Portrait Mode for Tablets

It is completely trouble-free to edit pictures from any angle using the new Skitch app. The portrait mode is well supported on tablets that is powered by x86, x64 and ARM processors.

The layout gets a new look this time, with viewing and editing functionalities undisturbed when tablet is in the portrait orientation. You can also turn your tablet the way you want it and still find the features at ease to access.

Big Files Compatibility

Unlike earlier versions, the new one supports files as big as 25MB that can easily be synced and shared on Windows 8. Marking up of maps, photos, or a blank canvas, the user can perform actions at will with less effort to edit the same perfectly and also enjoy by saving everything on Evernote. The latest out version is definitely lot quicker like never before.

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