E-books Vs Printed Books an assimilation of facts

Oct 10, 12 E-books Vs Printed Books an assimilation of facts

The world today is filled with technical gadgets for all purposes – if some justice had been done to book lovers on the digital front, it is through the electronic books. Is this new digital platform set to over take the existing printed copies? Much to our dismay, expert predictions go with a big Yes!

Digital history is ready to repeat itself; this time on a different bet!

There was a time when tape recorder cassettes were widely preferred and used. With the introduction of CDs, cassettes slowly died out. Even though, the chances of printed books becoming obsolete are ruled out, the publishing industry is forced to face a bigger challenge. Be it Amazon Kindle, Noble Nook or Sony, they are selling like crazy on online shopping sites. One key reason that could be attributed to the switch from printed books to e-books is the comfort factor.

Let us examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of an e-reader…


  • Light weight, easy to hold
  • Occupies less physical space and offers more storage facility (thousands of books in single device)
  • Easy portability and user friendly navigations
  • E-books are less expensive to buy
  • Eco-friendliness (Saves trees)
  • Audio capability


  • E-reader requires recharging of the device on a regular basis
  • Sun light reading is not compatible in some screens
  • Piracy: author receives no pay when copied and distributed

Unfortunately, for a book lover who would like to showcase a physical library back at home, can never accomplish their wish with an e-reader. The purchase of license to read and not the copy is yet another growing concern among many. Printed books can be truly owned and can be saved. Printed copies can be circulated and shared among friends however, with an e-reader the option of loaning and lending cannot be easily carried on. In spite of all the revolutionization, it would be apt to take a patient stand and see if e-books can really over take traditional books in the market.

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